Mothers Day DIY Gift Ideas


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It's almost Mother Day! That's why this week I will be showing you two great D.I.Y. gift ideas for under $10.
P.S. Sorry about the date on this post, a bit of a mix up.

1. Tissue Flowers.
Make a bouquet out of tissues. 

What you will need:
A bobby pin
Coloured markers 
Skewers or pipe cleaners

Step 1: fold a tissue in an accordion fold.
Step 2: bobby pin the middle of the folded tissue. 
Step 3: colour the ends of the tissue on both sides in what ever colour you want your flower. 
Step 4: separate each layer of the tissue then fluff them into the shape you want.
Step 5: tie a bow around each flower with some string.
Step 6: poke a skewer/pipe cleaner into the bottom of each flower.

And there you have it, a tissue flower. Make as many as you want for your bouquet, then write a sweet card and you have the perfect Mother's Day gift. 

2. Simple 3D Card.

Want to make the perfect Mother's Day card, well here is how to make a card that will really pop!

What you will need: 
2 pieces of card/coloured paper

Step 1: fold a piece of card/paper in half. 
Step 2: cut 8 little slits out as your stands.
Step 3: fold the card closed, then pop out the little stands. Make sure to make the folds strong.
Step 4: draw your letters on your second piece of paper then cut them out.
Step 5: glue the letters onto the stands.
Step 6; write a message on the cover and the inside.

And there you go! You now have the perfect Mothers Day card.

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