Hi, welcome back.

This week I will be showing you some outfits I have been loving from the past year (2014).

I love these two outfits (above and right) because the
plain top really makes the shorts the star of the

This little lace dress is perfect
for all occasions. It works perfectly
with a small plain necklace.   

The overalls are Eva and Ava and are
 perfect for every day wear. 

This blue jumpsuit from Forever New
is great for casual wear and evening wear,
it all depends on the accessories. For casual wear
wear a watch and tie up your hair, for
evening wear wear your hair loose and
wear a statement necklace.  

This Miss Shop (Myer) shirt and
black pleated skirts gives a real 50's vibe
to your outfit. A lovely way to finish
this look off is to curl your hair in
tight curls.

This little black Supre crop top with a white skirt
looks really plain but elegant at the same time. 

Hope you have enjoyed this post and maybe even learn't something. Don't forget to leave a comment with your opinion, it is really appreciated.

See you next time,
Beauty Spot xx

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