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Hi, welcome back. 

This week I will be giving you some tips and tricks to live a fit and healthy life. 
I know how hard it can be to persuade yourself to get up and go for a run or not eat that extra cookie, but hopefully these tips will help you. 

1. Snacking
Instead of snacking on chocolate bars and lollies, reach for a healthier option (that is just as yummy) like a muesli bar or an apple. 

2.  Walk the dog
Walking your pet, or even your neighbours pet, will give you a good reason to get up and go for a walk. By doing this it won't only benefit you but it will also benefit your pet. 

3. Always eat breakfast
A big part of eating healthy isn't what you eat, its when you eat. Breakfast is such an import meal of the day. It sets your body up with the needed nutrions you need to start the day. As well as being essential for your health it is also really yummy.   

4. Essentials.
In every meal there are some essentials. For example, for breakfast you need high fibre, high protein foods to kick start your body for the day. These essentials vary for every meal. Like for dinner you will need a charbohydrate, a protein, and a vegetable. All these essentials help balance your diet and keep you eating healthy meals. 

5. Watching TV
Actually watching TV isn't what's bad for you, it's all the sitting down that can actually make you unfit. If in every ad break you did star jumps and push-ups, watching TV could actually become an exercise. The same applies when your on the phone. Instead of sitting down, run up and down the stairs or hallway.

I hope these five tips have helped you and you have enjoyed this post. 

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See you next time, 
Beauty Spot xx 

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