Lipstick vs Lip gloss


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This week I will be doing a comparison post, lipsticks vs lip glosses.

Lip Gloss
Lipstick looks very elegant and ladylike. It gives full coverage and can give a very polished look.
Lip gloss looks casual and is better for day wear. It often has a sheen look to it and is usually not matte.
Lipstick can be a bit pricier than lip gloss.
Lip glosses are usually a bit cheaper than lipsticks.
Lipstick usually feels creamy and matte.
Lip glosses normally have a more moisturizing feel.
Lipstick stays on longer, which means it needs to be applied less.
Lip gloss comes off a lot quicker than lipstick and usually needs to be applied after every meal.

What do you prefer, lipstick or lip gloss? Leave me a comment letting me know.

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