What's in my bag?


Hi, welcome back.

This week I will be emptying out my bag, piece by piece, to show you what I carry in my handbag everywhere I go.

The bag I am using at the moment is a Forever New blue bag.
Forever New

•For my make-up I am using a small red make-up bag (just a cheap one from the $2 shop). In this I have:
>Hand sanitiser  
>A small travel size perfume 
>The lipstick I am wearing that day
>Black Kohl eyeliner
>A blush brush for touch-ups 
>Lip Chap

•I have a big packet of Extra chewing gum. 

•I have my Mimco purse. In this I have: 
>Some money notes 
>Some coins 
>My bank card 
>My library card 
>My frequent flyer card 
>Some coupons 
>A picture of my friends

•I have my phone. 

•I have a book (currently The Pointless Book 2). 

•I have my Apple ear buds. 

•I have a pair of pink round sunglasses. 

•I have my house keys. 

•I have a pen and a small notebook.

And that is everything I have in my bag (at the moment). It was much tidier than I thought!
If you want to see more of these "what's in my bag" posts, leave me a comment letting me know. 
Hope you enjoyed this post. 

See you next time, 
Beauty Spot xx 

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