13 Steps to Organising your Closet


Hi, welcome back.

This week I will be helping you to organise your closet with this step by step guide.

You will need:
A clear space (large) eg. bed or bedroom floor.
2 big bin bags.
1-2 zip lock bags.
1-2 small storage containers/boxes.

Step 1.
Take all your clothes out of your closet so it is completely empty.

Step 2.
Vacuum your shelves and floor of your closet.

Step 3.
Separate your clothes into piles of dresses, tops, pants, shorts, jackets, accessories etc.

Step 4.
Go through each pile and separate them into a bin pile (meaning they are unwearable), a charity pile (meaning you don't want or fit them anymore), a keep pile, and a store pile (meaning they are out of season at the moment).

Step 5.
Put the store piles into zip lock bags so they are kept clean and dust free throughout the season.

Step 6.
Place all the accessories into the small containers/boxes.

Step 7.
Put all the bin piles into bin bags.

Step 8.
Put all the charity piles into bin bags ready to be delivered to your nearest charity bin.

Step 9.
Now its time to hang all your dresses, jackets and tops back up.

Step 10.
Fold all your underwear, pants, shorts etc.

Step 11.
Put everything back in your closet. Put the store bags in the top of your closet.

Step 12.
Write down everything you are missing from your new wardrobe and GO SHOPPING!

Step 13.
Don't forget to deliver the charity bags and bin bags.

Hope your wardrobe is all ready for the new season and your happy with the way it turned out.
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See you next time,
Beauty Spot xx

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