5 Things That Make Me Happy


Hi, welcome back.

This week I will be talking about the importance of happiness and the little things that make me happy.

Happiness is so important in life, whether you are making someone happy or someone is making you happy. If you the world didn't have happiness it would be a complete war zone. Happiness can be shown in many different forms, you can tell someone how much you like them, give someone a complement, forgive someone and last but not least... SMILE!
We all have one of those days where we're just not feeling on top of the world. If you are feeling down, you often need a little help to pick yourself up and get on with life.
Here are 5 little things that make me happy:
  1. Drinking hot chocolate while watching Netflix.
  2. Talking to my best friend about anything and everything. 
  3. Lying in bed listening to music while just gathering my thoughts.
  4. Going window shopping and not spending a dime.
  5. Remembering how lucky I am to have such amazing friends and family.
Hope this has helped you and you enjoyed this post.
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