Banana and Berry Smoothie Recipe


Hi, welcome back.

This week I will being telling you my favourite smoothie recipe and how to make any smoothie healthier.

Banana and Berry Smoothie

1 cup of mixed berries
1 banana (pieces)
1/2 cup of milk
Water (amount varies)

1. Add the berries and banana into a blender.
2. Mix until there are no full pieces left.
3. Add the milk to the blender.
4. Blend until it is smooth and no longer thick.

And there you have it, a tasty banana and berry smoothie.

How to make any smoothie healthier!

  • Use water instead of milk. This can dilute the smoothie more, causing a watery taste.
  • Put protein powder in your smoothie. You can purchase this from health food stores, and depending on the powders flavour it can change the flavour of the smoothie.  

Hope you liked this recipe and these tips. If you want to see more recipes like this, don't forget to leave a comment.

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