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Hi, welcome back.

This week I will be sharing with you all my favourite things this month asps to lipsticks.

1. Instagram
Instagram is an online photo sharing app. It allows you to share what you capture with all your followers. 
I am really obsessed with it at the moment and am on it 24/7. 
2. Dark Nebula 
Dark nebula is a game that challenges you to complete levels as quickly as possible. It is a game of movement and strategy. 
I really like this game and I get stuck on it every time I start playing. 

3. The Other Woman 
This is a movie about a man who has a wife, a girlfriend, a mistress and many other women. When three of his girls find out, they plot against him in an attempt to take him down. 
Such a great movie, it made me cry and laugh. It was so funny and inspiring. 

TV shows
4. How I met your Mother
This is a series about a man telling his two children the whole story of how he met their mother, and everything in between. 
I just started watching it, it so funny and has so many episodes that you will never run out of episodes to watch. 

5. Cut out buckle boots 
I recently purchased a gorgeous pair of black boots. They are flat and have gold buckle detailing on the side. I got them from Rivers and love them. Since they are cut out you should either wear a pair of frilly black/floral socks or a pair of plain black ankle socks. 
6. Black crop top
I have recently purchased a really casual black crop top that has vertical stripes on it. It has sleeves and can suit any outfit. It was from Factory and was only about $7. 

Room Decor
7. I recently went to IKEA and purchased many items for my room. I got a few things that really stood out from the rest, a set of three battery powered candles that look very real and a wall sticker of flowers vertically up my wall. I did love everything else I purchased though. 

8. Love Tanya by Tanya Burr 
I am absolutely in love with this book. It has taught me a lot about hair and makeup, and it was just a lovely read. 
9. Girl Online by Zoe Sugg
I really enjoyed reading this book about a girl who traveled to New York and experienced new emotions and had some exciting adventures. I really recommend reading this novel.

10. Rimmel London, Kate Moss 107
I am so in love with this colour at the moment. I purchased it for a festival and have been loving it since. It is a deep red and is a lovely evening shade. It lasts for a long time when applied and I highly recommend it.

11. Ecoya Maddison Jar in Sweet Pea and Jasmine
I am loving this scent at the moment, it is so relaxing and fresh. It makes me think of a garden in spring. You can purchase this candle at Freedom stores in Australia.
12. Ecoya Maddison Jar in Vanilla Bean
I am enjoying this scent so much it just had to be in my favourites. It is such a traditional scent but is so calming and sweet. You can purchase this candle at Freedom stores in Australia.

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you are wondering where you can purchase these items just leave me a comment.

See you next time,
Beauty Spot xx

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