Whats on my phone?


Hi, welcome back.

This week I will be going through my phone and telling you what I have on it.
I will list the folder (if necessary) then the app.

Dubsmash- A voice over app.

Blogger- Lets you edit/publish blog posts via my mobile phone.
Bloglovin- A way to explore new blogs and connect with other bloggers.

Shazam- Lets you found out what you are listening to and but it via iTunes.

GuitarTuna- A guitar tuner.

Instagram- Lets you share photos with your friends and followers, and see their photos.
Snapchat- Lets you share photos and videos and can only be opened once, unless on your story.
Twitter- Lets you tweet short paragraphs/sentences or pictures.
Pinterest- Get inspired by looking at others ideas and images.
Skype- Video chat or call people distant or local.
FaceTime- Video chat or call people distant or local.
Mailpod- An email app.

Retrica- Take photo collages and add effects.
Video Star- Lets you make music videos with or without voice overs.

Criminal Case- Solve cases with the help of the police team.
Subway Surf- jump over trains and earn coins.
Crossy Road- Cross the roads without being hit by cars.
Fruit Ninja- Slice the fruit to earn points, avoid the bombs though.
Heads Up!- Play a games of charades with friends.
Minecraft PE- Build worlds and connect with friends.
Akinator- A genie that can read your mind and guess your character.
Thief- Jump from block to block to escape.
The Line- Move the ball around to avoid the edges and stay inside the lines.
The Tower- Build up the tower block by block.
Circle- Avoid the line inside the circle.
Dark Nebula- Tilt your screen to make your way to the finish line.

eBay- Online international shopping site.
ASOS- Buy the latest styles and trends.
Gumtree AU- Buy local goods all in one place.
The Hunt- Find out where you can purchase any item simply by posting a picture of it.

The Pointless Book 2- App for the Pointless Book 2 by Alfie Deyes aka Pointless Blog

Cool Fonts- Change your fonts with these keyboards.

Hope you have enjoyed finding out what I have on my phone.
Don't forget to leave a comment, it is really appreciated.

See you next time,
Beauty Spot xx

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