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Hey guys,

I thought for this week i would sit down and find as many online sales as I could, this can benefit us both 'wink wink'. So if you guys are looking to buy some new goodies now is a great time to do it because you now have a great list of online sales.

Mimco: This is a bit more on the pricey side, but if you're prepared to spend that little it more it is really worth it, their products are amazing.

Boohoo: As always Boohoo is holding another sale. Their products are so beautiful and very affordable. If you are looking for a real bargain, than this sale s for you.

The Iconic: They are holding an amazing sale, up to 70% off! There are lots of shoes in this sale, so if you are shopping for footwear this sale id worth checking out.

Myer: For all my Aussie beauties you would know that Myer is good quality but a little bit pricey sometimes. But this sale has put all you favourite spring items up for grabs for great prices.

Ally Fashion: I absolutely love Ally, especial when things are on sale. There are lots of winter items on sale which is perfect for the colder weather.

Miss Guided: Some of these products are a bit quirky but I absolutely adore them. They are so cute and fun. This sale is amazing, most things are over 50% off! I highly recommend this for any product, jewelry, shoes, tops, dresses ect.

Hope this has helped. Have fun shopping beauties and show me your purchases via Instagram.

See you soon,
Beauty Spot xx

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