Up the Coast


Hey guys,

I am back from my little vacation to Exmouth. It was absolutely amazing and so beautiful. I had so much fun and took some awesome photographs.

Too be honest I was a bit hesitant at first to go. I was worried about going to a place totally different to my home. I wasn't going to go until I was convinced it would be OK, and boy am I happy I went. What I am trying to say is no matter how nervous or worried you are, take a leap of faith and go because you will most likely end up loving the experience.

I have decided to create an official holiday post with some pics from the coast. I hope you enjoy looking at these pics as much as I enjoyed taking them.

So there you have it guys, some of the beautiful places I saw in just one week. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and it inspired you take a vacation yourself.

See you next time,
Beauty Spot xx

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  1. Looks amazing I'm so jealous those are some amazing photos hope u had a wonderful time ❤️



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