A Little Bit of Sparkle


Wearing: Op Shop :) 

Hey guys,

OK, yes, it's an op-shop piece. I really like this dress though *guilty pleasure*. I haven't been able to wear it much though because it sooo fancy, and lets be honest I don't go to that many evening parties. 

I have been sick for a few days this week so when I went back to school I was overloaded with tests to do, overdue work and homework *sigh*. Not much I could do about it though I didn't want to make everyone sick (your welcome my entire class). At least my friends were happy to see me because I was really happy to see them. You know when your sick and your confined to your bedroom and it feels like your the last human being on Earth, and then one day, when you go back to school, you regain your social life. Well that's the best feeling. I am feeling a bit better now. I'm about to go to dinner with my family who have come over from NSW. 
Hope you all have a good evening. *Sorry for the rant guys* 

Lots of love
Beauty Spot xx

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