Daisy Queen


Wearing: Fiesta Daisy Chiffon Beach Cover, Pandora

Hey guys,

I bought this dress from City Beach for a festival and I absolutely love it. It is a very summery dress but is sometimes hard to know where to wear it. I think that it is definitely a festival dress and could probably be worn as a pool party dress as well.

So I am back on track with the posts, for now anyway. I am really enjoying editing them like this (with the Photoshop background). I know its not the best but until I get my tripod it will have to do. If you guys have any other ideas for cute backgrounds I would love to hear them.

I haven't exactly been feeling very well recently, I've just had 'one of those weeks'. I am in that mood, you know where you over think everything and you are totally and utterly pessimistic about everything. I just need some relax time, but that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon with tests every week for a while.  
Anyway I hope you are all having a better week then me.

Lots of love,
Beauty Spot xx

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