Shopping with the Girls





Supre button down denim skirt


Ally Fashion reflective floral crystal print crop top

Hey guys,

So I may have gone shopping again, but this time I actually had a purpose. I went to buy a really cute skirt from Supre (OK not the best 'purpose') but then I invited some friends and we walked around for about 4 hours just browsing stores and trying clothes on, most of which we couldn't possibly afford. 
After a whole lap of the shopping centre we finally found some clothes that we loved and bought them. 

I am feeling a lot less-sick now, which is a plus. I hope you guys are happy. I feel like everybody deserves to be happy. Its sad that not everyone is happy. I challenge all you wonderful people to make someone happy everyday. This can be with a complement, a kind gesture or even a gift.

Lots of love,
Beauty Spot xx 

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