How to Properly Care for Your Nails


Hey guys,
White nails with glitter inspiration, I want this so badly. Its totally gonna be my next try.: So as you will all already know, it is super important to properly care for your nails. As simple as this sounds it is actually a bit more complicated. I thought to help you guys out, today I would write a guide to healthy nails.

Now, first of all, I just needed to say that this isn't a guide to 'perfect' nails because everyone has their own opinion on what they like theirs or others nails to look like, but... this is a guide to help you achieve healthy nails.

Stopping Bad Habits: 

One of the hardest, but most important steps is to stop biting/picking your nails. This one can be the hardest because picking or biting your nails can become a habit. To stop this habit there are a few things you can do. You can choose one nails at a time to not pick/bite, eventually you will be focusing on them all, you can put a nail growth polish on which tastes terrible so you will stop biting them, or, my personal favourite, you can always have a beautiful manicure so you will not be tempted to pick them because they look so nice.

Next you need to stop picking chipped polish because it actually peels the top coat of nail off, also using your nails as tools weakens them so you must stop that. By always applying a top and base coat it protects your nails from the harmful chemicals in nail polish it also means it comes off like a breeze (which is an added bonus if you are rushed).

Getting Proper Vitamins:

Eating a healthy diet is very important to your overall health. Vitamins in food can help grow and strengthen your body including hair, nails and bones. 

Some vitamins that can significantly improve the health and strength of your nails are, Vitamin H, which can be found in mushrooms and bananas, Vitamin A, which can be found in leafy greens and sweet potato, and finally, Vitamin C, which can be found in strawberries and kale. 

Pienterest: deleks Burgundy matt acrylic long nails: Manicuring Properly:

Often people hear this word and instantly think 'salons', but in fact there are a few things you can do at home to keep your nails gorgeous between salon visits.

Steps like trimming your cuticles and buffing your nails definitely are not necessary for a DIY manicure, but you could however do these things once every 2 months or so. To learn how to properly manicure my nails I watched Jenny Claire Fox's video, you can watch it here.

Hope you have learn't something from this post and good luck on the journey to healthier nails.

Lots of love, 
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