My Mood Board + How to Make Your Own


Hey guys,
I recently made myself a mood board to follow in the footsteps of many others, so I decided I would show you mine and tell you how to make your very own.

My Mood Board:

Along with pictures that I really enjoy and quotes I also added my editorial calendar and tickets from concerts, sports games etc. I have put on it anything that I enjoy, or that inspires me. I decided to make a mood board after seeing various bloggers make them and post pictures on Instagram. At first I thought I would take inspiration from minimalist boards, but then I found so many things I love that I thought why not really fill up the board no matter how cluttered it looks.

I have cut out and printed many things that I like and am keeping them all in a little pencil case. I am planning on going through that each month or so and picking new pieces/things that inspire me as well as finding new things along the way.

A mood board is supposed to reflect what you are feeling or things that inspire you, so you should make it as creative and personal as you like.

How to Make Your Own:

What you need:
A wire grid ~ from your local hardware store
Pegs ~ from the $2 store
Content ~ this could be pictures, quotes, or magazine cutouts 
Fairy Lights ~ from the $2 store
Bits and bobs ~ to decorate some extra

What to do:
1. Cutout/collect magazines, pictures, Polaroids, quotes, tickets or anything else you want (many of mine came from Yen Magazine. 
2. Get your wire grid and spray paint it whatever colour you want, I prefer gold, rose gold, or silver.
3. Once your grid is dry, using your pegs, place your content in whatever order or pattern suits you. 
4. Wrap the fairy lights around the edges and hang to the wall. 

I hope you guys like my mood board and it has inspired you to create your own.

Sorry this is late but I went away for the weekend to an island down south and was enjoying it too much to bring out my laptop. 
Tomorrow I am going to school for the first time in 6 weeks. I am excited but nervous at the same time. Because of various reasons this means I will be able to post more lookbooks again, YAY!!! 
Good luck to everyone going back to school tomorrow.

Lots of love,
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