Why You Need Denim in Your Wardrobe


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I thought I would do a little something different today. Today I will be writing about one of the many wardrobe necessities, denim. Denim can change not only an entire outfit but your overall appearance. I will be giving you guys a bit of a history lesson, showing you denim on the runway and telling you a bit more on why it will suite your personal style.

Denim has been around (in the USA) since the mid 19th century. It started off as a dark blue colour now commonly known as 'dark denim'. As denim has progressed more and more colours have been added, including vibrant colours such as purple and yellow. There is also 'washed out denim' which is a lighter shade of blue along with many other alternatives.

Denim is being used for much more than just jeans these days. It is being used in dresses, overalls, shorts, hats, and even shoes! Recently denim has blossomed as a material and is being worn all around the world in many different environments.

Denim has been made to suit anyone's body shape or style. They have loose denim, distressed denim, tight denim and many more. If your into more casual style you can go for a simple pair of boyfriend jeans, if your into more of a girly style you could go for a denim skirt, there are no boundaries when it comes to denim and definitely something for everyone.

Denim is increasingly being seen on runways. It is being used by designers like Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Victoria Beckham and many more. Some great examples of runway denim are:

I know this post was a bit different, but I really enjoyed creating this and learning a bit more about such a simple material that we often take for granted. I hope you guys enjoyed this and that you are now inspired to go buy MORE denim for your wardrobe. Go check out an older post of mine, Denim Drama, here!
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