4 Hats Every Girl Needs This Winter


Hey guys,
Winter is just around the corner and I have recently been putting together my annual winter shopping list and one thing that has popped up a lot is hats, a winter 'must have' accessory. There are many different styles, colours, types etc. of hats so I have compiled my absolute favourite hats you NEED this winter. Hold onto your hats folks, cause your about to get blown away!

Sexy-ijq - http://model.hdsingle.com/sexy-ijq/sexy-3:

 The Classic 'Fedora'
 This hat will put a stylish spin on any outfit. The  fabulous thing about a fedora is it can be worn  with  almost anything from a winter coat and high boots, to  skinny jeans and a sloppy joe jumper. I looks stylish and  chic, while also keeping your head nice and warm.

Super cute grey floppy hat with chain accent:
The Floppy Hat
I feel like every girl owns one of these already, but of you don't, what are you doing, go get one! They are literally the most versatile summer/winter hat you can get. You can get one with a chain or metal for some bling or a ribbon for the simplistic type.

Knit slouchy hat OATMEAL more colors available by PPanquecitos, $35.00:

Comfy Slouchy Beanie
These are definitely the comfiest hats on my list. They are cute, comfy, with a sprinkle of class. I highly suggest you get one of these head warmers and wear it like there's no tomorrow. You will look as cute as a button with a slouchy beanie. You can even get them with some details like buttons or bows.

The double pom-pom beanie.:

Pom-Pom Beanies
These adorable little hats will make even the worst of hair days be something you want to show off. Whether it be one or two or even three pom-poms these will always be the cutest fashion statements.

Lots of love,
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