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Winter is approaching and everyone needs to be prepared so I have collected a few beauty, fashion, skincare and food essentials. I hope you guys enjoy your winter and stay warm. Also don't forget to go check out and get 15% off your swimwear order using the code 'BEAUTYSPOT'. Read the full post for more information.


This is a 'must have' all year round, but especially in winter when the cold fries out your skin. This can cause peeling, redness, cracking and tightness. All of this can help be prevented by using moisturiser. Some great moisturisers for winter include:


This clothing piece can bring any outfit from drab to fab. It can be worn as the statement of an outfit or simply worn for the practicality of a coat. Whatever your intentions a coats is a very important winter item to own. Some coats I love are:

Plum Lips

Everyone knows that a dark lip is a classic winter makeup look and my favourite look at the moment is the plum lip. I love the dark, timeless elegance it gives an outfit. Wearing a dark lip often looks great with simple eye makeup. I said 'plum lips' as an essential because they have plum lipsticks, lip-glosses,  lip pencils etc., my favourite is a nice matte lipstick. Some plum lip products I really like are:

Ugg Boots

These shoes are so comfortable, their like slippers you can wear outside. You can get many different quality of ugg boots, but I suggest investing in a good par because they honestly last forever. If, during the winter, it was appropriate, I would forever be wearing ugg boots. Believe it or not, this can actually be reality. Ugg boots have been created as ankle high heel booties, wellington boots, and various other designs. Now you can own one pair for every occasion. Here are a few that I found that are super cute and comfy:


And last but not least, a winter favourite of mine, hot tea. To be honest, I drink tea all year round, iced in summer and hot in winter. This comfort drink is so tasty and a cup of tea to make  *pun intended :)*. My favourite teas are a fruit tisane because they are fresh and caffeine free. My favourites are from Cuppa and Co and T2. Here are a few that I have tried and absolutely love:

1.Cuppa and Co, Happy Hippie
2. Cuppa and Co, Berry Bang
3. T2, Very Berry Fruitea

I hope you guys had an amazing Easter and go check out

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