3 Ways to Style a Singlet


Hey guys,

In this post I will be showing you how to style up this simple white singlet three ways to achieve a totally different look with each outfit. The first is a more formal cropped shirt, the second is a casual denim look, and the third is a very 70's look that I absolutely love.

The Singlet

Cotton On white singlet, Ally shorts, Adidas Superstars, Zero UV Sunglasses

1. Spotted Cropped Shirt

This outfit works best for a smart casual event. The flattering shirt could be worn buttoned up, which would hide more of the singlet, or undone, for more of a relaxed look. I purely wore shorts because of the weather, but this could look great with some skinny jeans or even a little denim skirt.

Myer Miss Shop spotted shirt. Ally denim highwaisted shorts

2. Denim Shirt

Style a singlet with a denim shirt either around your waist or wearing it. Both look very cool and are are simple go to outfits to make a singlet less boring.

Kmart Denim shirt, Ally shorts

 3. 70's Long Cardigan 

Style a singlet up with flare jeans and a cardigan for a total 70's vibe. The belt adds even more of a 70's feel to the outfit, and for me the more the better. 

Myer Miss Shop cardigan, Myer Miss Shop flare jeans, Supre Byron belt

Hope you enjoyed this post and you are feeling inspired to jazz up that boring old singlet!

Lots of love,


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