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Lipstick is a great way to express your personality. Bold lip colours such as plum and dark red are super elegant and sophisticated. The result is gorgeous, but it is a challenge pulling a off bold lip. In this post I will share with you my favourite tips and tricks for accomplishing a perfect bold lip. With these tricks you will be rockin' the bold lip just like Taylor Swift.

Plum is one of my favourite bold lip colours, especially for the colder seasons. Although, such a bold lip can clash with other makeup such as your eye-shadow. Bold lips looks beautiful when the rest of the makeup is simple, so hold back on the smokey eye for now. A good time to go all in and wear bold lips with a bold eye is a very formal evening event like a dinner or a river cruise. Now you know what makeup to wear to compliment a bold lip, it's time to focus on how to actually apply it. 

A bold lip must be very clean cut with defined edges. A simple way to do this is of course to use lip liner. I suggest, if possible, pick a liner a shade darker then the lipstick/gloss etc. This will give your lips a more defined and shaped look. Alternatively you can go straight in with a lipstick pencil, my favourite being the Maybelline Color Drama in Berry Much, which has a semi-matte, velvet finish. This will give your lips a very full look. Once you've applied your lip colour, its time to define a bit more. With a concealer, I like to use an under eye concealer because it is brighter, place dabs of it in the corners, bow and bottom of your lip. Now with a lip liner brush, or, alternatively, any small thin brush, outline your lips with teh concealer by spreading it. Then blend it out so it looks natural and voila! You have a very bold, defined lip.

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