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Hey guys,

The Body Shop is a worldwide brand which sells beautiful body care products and is against animal testing, for fair trade and is a charitable foundation. It sells a variety of scents for each product, my favourite being shea, strawberry and rose.

In this post I will review some of my favourite products I have purchased from The Body Shop, including a body butter and lip balm.

Strawberry Body Butter:
I absolutely swear by my body butter. I have it in my school bag and handbag. I purchased my first body butter pot in Melbourne for my birthday 2 years ago and I've never looked back. It is so moisturizing and smells amaaazingggg. I only use this product on my hands but I think it can be applied all up the arm as a moisturizer. This product does seem sticky after applying but the stickiness doesn't last long. After a few seconds to a minute it will have soaked in and your hands will feel moisturized and fresh. 
Strawberry Hand Cream:
I keep this in my bag and it is a lifesaver. My hands get very dry especially during winter. That's why this hand cream often comes in handy. I apply it about every 2 hours or when my hands feel dry. As well as moisturizing my hands it also smells amazing, just like the body butter. 
Strawberry Body Purée:
I use this every morning on my hands, arms, neck, chest and legs as a moisturizer. It softens my skin and prevents dryness and cracking. Again, its strawberry scented so it smells just as amazing as the other strawberry products. This one is much more sticky than the other products, but personally I wouldn't say it was uncomfortably sticky and it doesn't stick to our clothes at all. 
Strawberry Lip Balm:
I have a little lip balm pot in my school bag and I use it religiously. Every day at school I apply it once or twice or whenever I feel like my lips are dry. It is very important not to lick dry lips, even when your lip balm smells this amazing! 
Shea Shower Cream:
This product has a different scent to the others, it's shea scented. This smells absolutely amazing. I associate this scent with the beach and holidays. It's a very sweet, vanilla scent and personally I find it very relaxing and calming. As the name suggests, I use this product every time I have a shower. It cleanses and moisturises while simultaneously smelling great. 

So I hope you've enjoyed this post and tell me what you think about these products or suggest any I should try. For my overall opinion on The Body Shop, I think that it's very ethical, which I like and is moisturising and all products smell amazing. It does great for you skin and there are very little negatives I can find. I highly recommend checking them out!

Lots of love,
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