Dealing with Stress


  1. 1
    a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.

Hey guys, 

Stress effects everyone! It varies in intensity, but everyone will experience it. Stress is a part of life and you cannot escape it. However, you can learn to deal with it. In this post I am going to cover ways and methods to deal with stress. 

1. Get into a routine 
One important step in lowering your stress levels is following a routine. This is a great way to get things done, stay organised, and reassure yourself of what your need to do. I find that if I don't have a routine I will end up late to things and getting very stressed. 
2. Have an inspirational quote 
Another great method is having inspiration. You can have one that covers many different areas or a few more specific quotes. A quote I love is 'you only live once but if you do it right once is enough'. 
3. Know your surroundings 
A familiar environment can be very reassuring. Having a particular study area separate from your relaxing area is great because it separates your mind set from work to relax. 
4. Eat right
Eating right has so many good effects. It helps you focus, gives you energy and can help decrease stress levels. By eating foods with less sugar you can stay focuses for longer which means you will be less stressed. 
5. Surround yourself with inspiration 
In my study I have both a mood board and a mood wall along with family pictures. This is a great strategy for dealing with stress, it also looks awesome. On a mood board you could put quotes, magazine cut outs, personal pictures, Polaroids or anything else that you like. This is a great way to relax and feel a sense of calm if ever you feel stressed or anxious. See how to make a mood board in a previous post here
6. Talk about it 
If you are feeling stressed the best thing you can do is talk to someone about it. Whether that be your mum, dad, best friend, teacher or sibling you just need to talk to someone. By talking you can let out your feelings and even seek advice. 
7. Get your beauty sleep
You must have heard it 100 times but it is just so important, sleep! Sleeping is a way of recuperating and regaining your energy. The average teenager should get 7-10 hours of sleep a night.  Ensure this happens and you will start to feel less and less stressed. 

I hope this is helpful and you guys have learn't something. Also Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mums out there, don't forget to tell your mum how much you love her.

Lots of love,
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