Indie Mixtape


Hey babes,

This playlist is the BOMB! I am absolutely obsessed with the songs, it has everything indie from #throwbackthursdays to my recently discovered faves. My favourite tracks include Say It, House of Gold and Pink Skies. You guys have to listen to these tracks and maybe even give my playlist a follow to stay updated.

Now for breaking news, my surprise project is coming along nicely and I am so excited to share it with you very soon. I have also got a recent fave, Gilmore Girls. I have been watching it on Netflix and let's just say I am an addict. Let me know any of your favourite shows on Netflix so I can check them out. I feel I should mention something that has been a hot topic the last couple a day, Instagram stories. In my opinion there was no point, I mean everyone uses Snapchat anyway, but I don't hate it, however I probably won't be using it much. Also... I said I wouldn't do it... but I couldn't resist... I downloaded Pokemon Go and now I'm addicted. Well, my friends that's it from me today.

Much love,
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