Mecca Cosmetica Brush with Success Review


Hello beauty babes,

Mecca Cosmetica isn't the cheapest brand, but trust me when I say every cent you spend is worth it. I am yet to be disappointed with a product I have purchased here. One of my favourite items is this brush cleanser, the Mecca Cosmetica Brush With Success Brush Cleaner.

You need to clean your brushes often because they build up excess oils and old makeup very quickly which can lead to nasty bacteria living in your brushes. And obviously no one wants to put that on their face!

How effective is it?

This wonderful brush cleaner is an absolute life-saver. It keeps my brushes soft, bacteria-free and preserves longevity. You can use it on both natural and synthetic hair brushes after every use, or weekly if you don't use your brushes too often. It removes all the makeup from your brush without destroying or damaging the brush. I have also tried it with a beauty blender. This removed some makeup, however probably isn't the most effective method of cleaning a sponge beauty blender.

How do you use it?

My favourite thing about this is, unlike most other cleaners, there is no need for water. You simply spray it on an oil-free tissue and swipe the brush gently over it, removing excess makeup. Try to avoid rubbing the brush hard against the tissue or digging into the bristles because this can break the bristles and completely ruin the brush. You only need to wait 30 seconds-1 minute before being able to use it so it is definitely a big time saver. This 150 mL bottle will last for so long because only 1-3 sprays are needed per use (depends on brush size and amount of excess makeup). All in all it is very easy to use and is perfect for anyone in a hurry or, just like me, hates cleaning their makeup brushes.

Now that I have told you how easy it is to use and how effective it is there is only one more thing to cover. This point may seem irrelevant or not as important, but trust me it can make all the difference. As you are putting this on your face, you wouldn't want it smelling bad, would you? This brush cleaner leaves your brushes smelling clean and fresh, like something you would want to put on your skin.

Go check out Mecca Cosmetica to see a whole range of amazing products.

Talk soon,
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