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Hello lovelies,

Eating healthy isn't always the easiest nor yummiest of tasks, but it doesn't have to be that way. Recently I have started drinking a smoothie every morning and I am honestly feeling so much healthier and happier. It's not that I wasn't feeling well before, in fact I didn't even notice until I started drinking a smoothie daily. Then it hit me that I could actually feel even better. Not only does it make me feel great it also tastes great. I have tried a few types of smoothies: berry; green; vegetable, but I definitely enjoyed berry smoothies the most. So I decided to share with you the recipe to my favourite smoothie.

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1 cup - Frozen mixed berries
4 tbs - Fat free vanilla yogurt
2 tbs - Milk
Splash of water


I use the Trent & Steele Nutritional Blender which is super quick and easy to use and clean.

1. Firstly, I add the yogurt into the blender cup.
2. Secondly, I add the frozen berries.
3. Next, I add a splash of milk.
4. Then, I blend until it is mixed.
5. Lastly, I add a splash of cold water and blend until it's a bit smoother.

Then voila you have a scrumptious smoothie!

Let me know what you think,
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