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It's almost Halloween therefore it's time to start thinking about your costume. Although costumes are vitally important, makeup is the thing that will really make you stand out from the crowd. In today's post I will teach you how to recreate a very easy snapchat filter in 10 simple steps. I don't really know what this filter is called but whatever the name it is sure to get you some second looks (in a good way of course). Let's get started!

All you need for this look is:
Black eyeliner pencil
Black eyeshadow
Black lipstick
Foundation (lighter than normal shade)
Concealer (lighter than normal shade)
Powder (lighter than normal shade)

Step by step instructions:
1. Apply your foundation, concealer and powder as per usual
2. Apply a thick layer of black eyeshadow from your eyelids to your brows
3. Underline your brows with a black eye pencil and fill them in with black eyeshadow
4. Blend the brows so no lines are obvious
5. Bring the eyeshadow down around and below your eyes so you have a full, messy circle around them
6. You don't have to be neat with the eyeshadow, you can bring it slightly onto your nose and make the edges rough
7. With eyeliner draw lines down your cheeks as low as you want, don't go overboard
8. Using a thinner brush apply black eyeshadow to the lines and blend them
9. Apply a flick of eyeliner on your lids but blend it so the line is very faint
10. Apply your lipstick and with eyeliner or lipstick draw lines to create a dripping effect

Hope you guys enjoyed this easy, 10 steps tutorial and give this look a try yourself.

Talk soon,
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