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Author: Abby from My Hair Care

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The talent behind this post is guest writer, Abby from My Hair Care. Today she is here to teach you guys some beauty hacks to survive the warmer weather. I do hope you guys enjoy seeing a little something different, it's not everyday we get a special guest like Abby here...

The spring and summer is a fun time for exploration and adventure! But not when you are forced to deal with the havoc that the heat and humidity has caused on your hair, skin and nails. To ensure you have a good time and stop worrying about how you can overcome the most common hair and beauty issues during the hot months, we’ve done the research for you. Here are some of the easiest beauty hacks you can try to restore your hair, skin and nails to its former glory.

Green Hair

This is a very common issue faced by blonde women after swimming in the pool. To prevent your hair from turning into an unwanted green colour, there are a few steps you can do. One is to wear a swim cap to protect your hair from the pool’s chlorinated water. Or, you can also saturate your hair with leave-in conditioning treatment.

There are also DIY treatments you can try to get rid of that unwanted green tinge to your hair. For example, use either lemon or tomato juice on your hair about 5 minutes prior to swimming in the pool. This will saturate your hair and prevent pool water from being absorbed by the strands.

Fake Tan Removal

When you see your tan start looking a bit patchy, this is an indicator that you should remove it. Start with a warm bath while adding bath oil. This will soften your skin and make it easier to remove the tan. Use an exfoliator to make sure that you get rid of the fake tan completely.

Sun-Damaged Hair

Sun damage is inevitable when your hair is constantly exposed to the sun and the heat. But no need to worry – there are several natural ingredients you can use to restore your hair from damage. An aloe vera mask made from 5 tablespoons of aloe vera juice and 3 tablespoons of coconut oil can have a nourishing effect on your hair. Leave it on your hair for 10 minutes and you will see immediate results.

You can also try a combination of honey, avocado and olive oil. It will bring back life into dry and dull hair.

Cracked Heels

During spring, you will be wearing mostly sandals and flip-flops. Hence, the appearance of cracked heels can ruin your spring outfit! Treating cracked heels is easier than you think, though. Just soak your feet in warm water with Epsom salt for a few minutes about twice a week. Then, scrub your feet using pumice stone. This will get rid of any dead skin cells that have accumulated on your heels, leaving it soft and supple.

What is your worst beauty problem in the spring or summer? How do you fix it?

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Abby is a writer and social media manager for My Hair Care. If you are looking for an additional resource on hair care and beauty, visit their blog at

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