How to Create an Instagram Theme with VSCO Cam


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Have you ever found an account on Instagram that's cohesive and flawless? You likely answered yes, and if not then keep lookin' girl, there are many out there. Now finding one of these themed accounts is a lot easier than creating one yourself. But not to worry, I am here to help you with just that. In today's post I will be discussing VSCO Cam's various features and how to choose a theme and stick to it.

Choosing your theme

First thing you need to do is, of course, choose your theme. A very easy and effective way of doing this is to find an account that you like the look of. You need to work out if you want a light, dark, colourful, monochromatic, minimalist, or busy theme. These are only  afew things to take into consideration. I will admit, it sounds like a lot but it really isn't. If you desperately want to skip all of that just find an account you like and copy their theme completely (using your own pic of course!).

I just started a new theme that I thought of myself but before this I took inspiration from @wonderforest . This account is very white, clean and bright. Now I have a darker theme that I am still getting used to. Let me know in the comments if you like my new theme. 

Taking the pics

When taking your photos for Instagram keep in mind the theme you want. If you wanted a light, minimalist theme take bright photos with white or light coloured backgrounds. Make sure your photos are of good quality. To do this you will probably need a few camera skills. If you like flatlays and intend on posting them consider the busyness if your theme, if you have a really busy theme use a lot of props

Editing the pics

Editing is where the real magic happens. The effects, filters and tools you use on your images can completely change how a photo looks and is how you keep a theme consistent. There are countless ways to edit an image, so no wonder I can't explain them all. However, I have used 2 styles on my Instagram, a light theme and a dark theme. Below I will demonstrate how I edit my photos to achieve my previous theme, the light and bright one:

Now, as long as you remember "consistency is key" you should be right to go. Comment on my Instagram so I can check out your themed account. I hope this was helpful and what you needed to start a cohesive, wonderful profile.

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