How to Boost Your Productivity


Hey guys,

Being productive can be difficult, trust me, I know. Whether it's dealing with homework, your career, planning an event, or anything else in between you have to stop procrastinating!
Below are key points in the process I use to be more productive and get sh*t done!

1. Write it down!
Write out a list of your work from school, university, work etc. that needs to be done that day. 

2. Extras!
To your list, add any other things you want to get done eg. write blog post, practice guitar.

3. Prioritise!
Now you need to prioritise using a numbering system, 1,2,3.... Going from the most urgent/important (1),  to the least urgent/important. 

4. Timing is key! 
When you have your list ready it's time to get started. As you approach every task however, you must chose an appropriate time in which you will complete the task in. Set your timer and get crackin'. 

5. Rewarding yourself!
When you reward yourself and what with entirely depends on you. However, I usually reward myself after completing an entire list by watching TV or relaxing. I suggest not rewarding yourself after every task completed because this will only draw out the process. 

Remember to only set as many goals as you can realistically complete in the time set. Also don't overwork yourself and take breaks to relax and regenerate. 

By following this guide I'm sure you will get more done, stop procrastinating and get started, good luck!

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