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Hey there lovelies,

Have you ever heard of the brand Thankyou? Well if you haven't check them out here. They are a company that believes that everyone should have access to safe drinking water, so 100% of their profits are funding safe water, food, hygiene and sanitation services to people around the world. To make it EVEN better they don't test on animals, are vegan friendly and made in Australia! Apart from having an awesome concept, their products are also amazing. In particular, my favourite, the body wash. 

"Give your skin a bit of TLC with this fresh and fragrant plant-based body wash that contains ingredients derived from nature. The amazing part? Through buying this bottle, you’re literally changing the world by providing health and hygiene training to someone in need. Talk about a life-changing shower!"
The Botanical Geranium and Rosewood Body Wash is my favourite thing ever!!!! I literally can't even explain how much I love it, but I'll give it a go.
One of my favourite things about this wash is its scent; it smells like a garden and a forest all mixed together in one delightful bottle. It has such a strong smell however, somehow, it's not over powering. The packaging is another thing I must mention. The minimalistic design and pink and black style is so stunning, everything about it is just photo ready for Instagram... speaking of which, check out the pic on my page now! 

Anyway... I would highly recommend this to everyone, I would even suggest trying some other scents, I know the Botanical Mint and Spring Flowers Body Wash is also amazing. Let me know what your favourite Thankyou. product is in the comments!

Much love,
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