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Hello hello hello,

Just in time for Christmas, I have prepared a few last minute, cheap and easy Christmas Card designs. So below I will tell you how to make 5 of the 8 designs:

1. Glitter Noel

What you will need
White card
Gold glitter
Star sticker
Black pen

What to do
Apply the glue in the shape of a christmas tree (as shown in the picture)
Sprinkle glitter over the glue
Glue the star on top of the tree
Finally, in the font of your choice, write noel (or any other message you would like)

2. Twinkle Stars

What you will need
Red card
Red and gold glitter
Black pen

What to do
Using a light pencil, draw two star shapes next to each other
With the glue, fill in the shapes completely
Sprinkle one star with red glitter and the other with gold
Using the twine, glue a piece from the top of the page to the tip of the star
Now, tie a bow and glue it into the twine, close to the star
Repeat for both
Below, write 'Merry Christmas'

3. Silent Night

What you will need
White card
White glitter
Dark and light green pens
Black pen

What to do
Draw a floor in glue then sprinkle white glitter over it (to resemble snow)
Draw two trees in two different shades of green
Apply dots of lue from the top of the page like falling snow
Sprinkle white glitter over the glue
At the bottom of the page write a Christmas message or phrase eg. Silent Night

4. Button Baubles

What you will need
Blue card
Coloured buttons
Black pen

What to do
Glue on buttons in a linear pattern
Draw a straight line from each button to the top of the page\
Draw a small bow on each line
Write 'Happy Holidays' on the bottom of the card

5. Tiered Tree

What you will need
White card
Green paper
Yellow pen
Brown pen

What to do
Cut out 5 rectangles of green paper, each a different length
Glue them on from largest at the bottom to smallest at the top (as shown in picture)
In the first (top) tier write 'I'
In the second tier write 'WISH'
In the third tier write 'YOU A'
In the fourth tier write 'MERRY'
In the fifth tier write 'CHRISTMAS'
Cut out a star shape and glue it on top
Cut out a small brown rectangle and glue it on the bottom

This is my last post before Christmas so I just want to say Merry Christmas and a HUGE thank you for the support this year. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by loved ones!
Merry Christmas,
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