Guest Post | The Best Fall 2016 Makeup Trends for December


Author: Suzy Walsh

As we are in the last month of the year, it is absolutely the right time to play with makeup. While considering about

the ideas for this post, we were excited to talk about makeup trends. Since the audience of this amazing blog loves

makeup and beauty, we have enlisted the best fall 2016 makeup trends. If you like to play by the rules, these are the

trends and ideas you will need for this season. Let’s get started.

Glow within: 

A lot of girls don’t like the idea of dramatic makeup. You don’t want to use too many products on the face that would make you look cakey, and it is quite a good idea for certain days. To keep up with the needs of minimalism, many shows had very soft but glowing looks. This is more like having a better feeling and radiant looking skin. To get this trend right, you need a nice dewy highlighter and foundation. Ensure that you are using a nice primer, or else, you can try one of those amazing illuminating primers that add glow to the skin. Keep rest of the look minimal, with highlighter on the highest points of the face.

Big bang berry: 

Lip colours are easy to experiment with, and even a simple shade can lift the whole look, without using a lot of other products. To make the most of this trend, use a wide range of berry shades. This can be the plum colours or shades that tend between red and pink but with a darker hue. For the perfect fall look, all you need is a nice lip colour, nice peachy eye makeup matched with a pair of sneakers, denims, and a casual top. For berry shades, check the regular stores to find budget choice, and for quality sneakers, click here!

Nude is on: 

If you aren’t fond of the dark gothic colours for the fall, you can try the nude and peachy lip shades, which were quite a rage. Many designers used nude shades with a hint of pink instead of red for the season, and it is quite appealing and minimal at the same time. Nude lips can be beneficial in many ways. Firstly, you can wear these colours anywhere you want and can play with a wide range of tones. Secondly, a toned-down look for the lips allows you to experiment more with the brighter eye makeup trends. Basically, you can go all smoky and glam with the eyes and keep the lips more on the subtle side. By the way, reds were also quite in trend for the season. Don’t go for blue or orange tone reds for the season. Instead, go for the classic reds that create instant impression. Hope you liked this post, and I hope to write for the amazing readers again!

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Author Bio:

Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and style expert for The House Of Elegance Fashion. She is known for her amazing sense of styling and has some of the best ideas on trends and glamour rules.


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