De Novo Straightening Brush Review


Hi babes!
You will probably have seen a straightening brush on Instagram at least once. They were a huge trend in 2016 and although I was a bit late on the bandwagon I was excited to try it out. 
So I got this De Novo Ceramic Straightening Brush for Christmas and was a bit hesitant to use it. I was afraid that it was going to completely ruin my hair with the heat but it actually isn't any hotter than a normal flat iron. I have quite frizzy hair so I was so interested to see just how well it would work. 

I am reviewing a straightening brush in general not the De Novo Straightening Brush. I have never used another one so I can't make any comparisons and from my experience this brush seems to be quite a goody straightening brush. 

What did I find?

At first I was using the brush on 200 degrees and that wasn't exactly straightening it, more defrizzing it. This isn't exactly what I wanted but is what I expected. I then decided to turn it up to 210 degrees. This definitely helped it to straighten my hair a lot more than it was. The process to straighten my hair took a good 45 mins and it still wasn't completely straight underneath (where all the frizz is) but I wouldn't say it was a fail. In fact, I think that for second day straightening and defrizzing this will actually be very useful.

Final thoughts?

I found that this straightener would be perfect for anyone with straight hair that want to make it more straight, remove a kink or defrizz it. If you have wavy, frizzy hair like me, I think that to be honest, a flat iron works very similarly to this brush, in that they both take time if you want to make your hair completely frizz-free and straight. I know that I will definitely be using my brush for second day hair straightening and defrizz.

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