Swimwear Trends to Bring Back in 2017


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As you may have seen on the runway at Miami Swim Fashion Week 2017 bridal, sheer cutouts, and tassels are all 'in' for 2017 but what about those beloved trends that have been forgotten?
In this post I will list 5 swimwear trends that should make a comeback in 2017. But if not, we always have 2018 to look forward too.

Bohemian Crochet

Perfect way to combine clothing with swimwear.

This used to be a huge trend and to be totally honest, it isn't completely gone. Brands are still making and selling crochet swimwear, but it was just too good not to include. This could very well be one of my favourite swimwear trends of all time! A brand that I love that does amazing crochet pieces (pictured right) is O'Neill Swimwear. However, City Beach, who sell O'Neill, sometimes have a great range as well.

Topanga Sierra Crochet BikiniO'Neill Ari Crochet Bikini Top


I'm a strong believer that you can't go wrong with fringe, so fringe swimwear is a 10/10 from me.

Ever since the 1920's fringe has been a part of fashion in one way or another. So its no surprise that fringe was super popular in swimwear. I say we should stay true to tradition and keep fringe a part of our fashion culture, even swimwear. Check out Boohoo for some awesome pieces.

Morocco Mix And Match Fringe Bandeau TopParis Rainbow Print Fringe Bandeau Bikini

Tropical Patterns

A busy pattern that stands out in the crowd.

Swimwear is greatly associated with tropical beaches so it makes sense that palm trees and banana leaves have made many appearances on swimwear over the years. In 2017, nude coloured swimwear is making a huge debut but I think we should appreciate how cool and classic a tropical swimsuit is. ASOS sells these cute swimsuits (below) and more!

High Neck Tops

Conservative and stunning, can't go wrong.

I mean, I say conservative,but by the look of these ones it is far from it. I'll rephrase: Can be conservative... Anyway, that's not the point. This style is so stunning and can look flattering on any body type or complexion because it doesn't limit the pattern or colour in any way. I love some of the pieces from Kaiami Swimwear and ASOS (pictured below).



How much more nautical can you get in this awesome colour.

Navy is such a flattering colour and is sure to impress. Whether you go for the nautical sailor look (right) or just rock the colour itself (left) this colour is the most nautical and classic swimwear colour you can get. Get your own old navy swimwear pieces (just like the pieces below) from StyleWe and check out Just Fashion Now for more cool designer styles. 

Dark Blue Abstract Printed One-PieceNavy Blue High Rise Straped Applique Bikini

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