$18 VS $6 Beauty Sponge Comparison


Hi beauty babes,

Today, we will talk about if spending a lot of money on makeup is actually worth it. To determine this we will be doing somewhat of an experiment. I will be testing 6 aspects of both the expensive and cheap sponge. For this I will be comparing a Stila Blending Sponge to a Chi Chi Blending Sponge.


As you would know, one sponge is a lot cheaper than the other... less that half price! The Chi Chi sponge is a fraction of the Stila sponge price but does this make it the wiser choice? To determine this we will need to look a little closer.


Personally, I think that anything I am going to put on my face must be soft and will not irritate, rub or damage my skin. This means the texture of all of my brushes and beauty blenders are super soft and lovely on my skin. So naturally, both of these sponges feel nice but there is some conflict when it comes to the texture. The Stila sponge is, for lack of a better word, flaky. It very easily falls apart and mine already has a small split in it. The foam rubs of when cleaned which means it will sometimes get in our foundation when applying it. This can be very difficult but I honestly wouldn't say it was a deal breaker.  The Chi Chi sponge on the other hand is very soft and fluffy so it doesn't fall apart.
Overall for texture, I would say that Chi Chi wins this one.

Size and Shape

The size is very important when it comes to what purpose the sponge serves. Both of them are very similar in size, however they are different in shape. Both are good for different areas on the face, for example I prefer the Chi Chi under the eyes and the Stila for blending contour. I think that because the Chi Chi sponge has so many angles and line that it is more versatile.
The winner for size and shape is the Chi Chi sponge.


As unimportant as this may seem, I just had to bring it up. My Chi Chi sponge is yellow and the Stila is black. Yellow is very difficult to get all of the colour out when cleaning it so I think that having a dark colour such as black is a good idea if you can help it.
So I think that the Stila sponge is a better colour for me.


How much is the right amount for a beauty blender to absorb? Well that is totally your preference. Personally, I like ones that absorb very little so I don't waste any product. The Chi Chi sponge absorbs a fair amount of the product, whereas the Stila one is more dense meaning it absorbs less. 
In my opinion the Stila sponge is the winner here.


This is the most important aspect in my opinion because this is what a beauty sponge is actually for, makeup application. The Chic Chi beauty sponge is very soft, as we already discussed, and is easy to use. The shape makes it very versatile and perfect for foundation application. When I apply my foundation I want a smooth, even, airbrushed finish, and the Chi Chi sponge does this for me. The Stila sponge on the other hand is more suited for applying concealer. The pointed top makes it perfect for getting in the small areas. It does however break apart very easily and is not the best at blending it. If you just dab the concealer in it may leave harsh lines or an uneven finish, unlike the Chi Chi beauty sponge.
In terms of application I think the Chi Chi sponge does wonders!


Out of the six aspects we covered, price, texture, size and shape, colour, absorbency and application the Chi Chi beauty sponge won overall. This just goes to show how money isn't always the deciding factor. Just because something is expensive or more expensive, doesn't mean it will be better. Just before I sign off, I just want to say that I like both of these sponges and I would recommend either one to my friends, family and you guys.  

Talk soon beauty babes,
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