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Hi blogger friends!
Most people, like myself, start a blog as a hobby, but a hobby can turn into something more. By monetizing your blog you have the opportunity to make an income and even possibly, a career. There are many success stories about bloggers making six figures and they truly inspire anyone to monetize their own blog. Of course, you shouldn’t expect to be making it big time straight away, but if you work hard who knows? You could be the next big thing! Below are three easy and cheap ways to monetize your blog today:

Sponsored posts

A sponsored post not only helps you make money it also allows you to grow your community. If they trust you and your opinions/recommendations selling and promoting a product becomes a whole lot easier. A sponsored post is when a brand sends you products for you to review or promote. They only pay for the amount of traffic or purchases you provide, however you can always keep the products. Just remember that if you want a strong, committed audience you must be honest and believe in what you promote, don’t promote a skin care brand if you hate it or a smoothie company if you don’t like smoothies.

Selling a product or service

This is where your creativity comes in. If you’re a blogger or writer chances are you are a creative person meaning that this option could be perfect for you. However, before you can make any money you have to know what you’re good at; whether that be drawing, makeup, or even blogging. Once you find your skill it’s time to monetize that. To monetize your talent you could sell a product or a service. For example, if blogging was your strong point, why not write a blogging eBook or if painting is, try selling your art in the forms of phone cases and canvases. There really are no limits to how creative you can get with this, just keep in mind your target audience and the demographic you’re aiming your product or service at.

Affiliate Marketing

Similar to sponsored posts, affiliate marketing is a way of promoting a brand or product. However, unlike sponsored posts, you are not given any product to review you are simply given a special link or discount code where the activity is tracked. This allows the supplier to know who purchased what using your link or code so you can make a percentage of the total profit. So many companies and brands out there do affiliate marketing so just find a brand you like (again, be honest) and shoot them an email to see if their interested. A little tip is to have a media kit to showcase why that company should choose you to promote them, because chances are they have a lot of requests daily.
If none of these methods appeal to you, there are so many other ways you can monetize your blog. As long as you stay honest, be creative, and have fun, I just know you will find something that will work for you!
Disclaimer: This post was first seen on Millennials Making Money posted by Hannah Fallon-Ferguson

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