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If you're anything like me you will use your computer a lot, this involves spending long periods at a time sitting down without moving a whole lot. This can affect your health greatly and not in a good way. To help us prevent this Scott from Garage Gym Builder has created an easy to follow infographic to teach us 7 exercises you can do from the comfort of you chair.

Have you noticed that you have been gaining weight lately? You don’t eat a lot. You also don’t indulge in sweets and fatty foods. If you still gain weight despite watching what you eat, the problem could be the nature of your work.
If you are working in an office and you stay inside for a very long time, it could have detrimental effects on your health. It will surely lead to weight gain because your body does not burn fat. The moment you start sitting down, your body will be in a resting mode and it will significantly drop down the percentage of calorie it burns.

This is why even if you watch your eating habits, you can still gain weight. The food that you have eaten will not be thoroughly digested or converted into energy. This means that you have to do exercises even if you are at work.
If you don't get up and move around OR put these exercises into use before you know it, you could have gained several pounds and you will have a hard time shedding them off.

There are exercises that you can do while you are seated in front of your computer that does not have to disrupt your work. In fact, you can still keep doing research or even type while you are exercising. Again, these techniques don’t require you to leave your seat.

Below is an infographic that compiles the best exercises that you can do now if you want to get started. Just give them a shot first and find out which of them you are most comfortable with. Do these every few hours and you will feel better and even start to lose weight in no time!
7 Exercises You Can Do Right In Your Chair!


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  1. This is such a nice reminder and knowledge everyone should know! Thanks for sharing.



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