Oats and Chocolate Protein Ball Recipe


Having the perfect combination of health and taste can sometime be difficult. On one hand you have to eat well and get all the nutrients and goodness you need. But on the other, it is always nice to indulge. The goal is to find something that combines these two things, and I have done exactly that for you.

Total disclosure they aren't the healthiest treats but they are packed with essential goodness like fibre and protein.

These oat and cocoa balls are super easy to make and super yummy. Below is a list of ingredients and easy to follow, step by step instructions on how to make your very own oat and cocoa protein balls.


Traditional rolled oats (2 cups)
Cocoa (1/4 cup) <adjust to preference

Kez's Free & Naked Choc Mud Bars (1 bar, finely chopped)

Unsalted butter (5 tbsp)
Desiccated coconut (handful)
Almond flakes (handful, finely chopped)
Water (1 tbsp) <adjust as needed
Protein powder (1 tsp)


1. Melt the butter in a small, heat proof bowl

2. In a food processor cut the bar into small pieces
3. Pour all ingredients into a large bowl
4. Mix all the ingredients together well with your hands (I wear rubber gloves)

5. Create spheres in your hands by pressing the mixture together and rolling it in your palms

6. Roll each ball in coconut or your desired covering (some people like to use cocoa)
7. Refrigerate for 30mins-1hour

And there you have them. Your very own little bite size treats. These are perfect for a protein fix or a lunchbox treat. 
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