4 Easy Makeup Hacks to Make Getting Ready Quicker


Trust me, I understand how difficult it can be sometimes to do your makeup in a rush, especially when you want to create 'going-out' look. But not to worry, I have 4 tricks that are sure to help you speed up your makeup routine both for a night out and on a daily basis.

1. Sticky tape for liner or eyeshadow

The quickest and easiest eyeliner tip you will ever be taught is this one. It saves time, ensures a perfect line and is easy to do. 
Firstly, put the tape following the line of your lower lash line upwards.
Then, apply eyeliner on your upper lash line as usual.
Then, to create the flick, draw the desired shape above the tape using the top of the tape as the base of your flick.
Finally, rip that tape off and be amazed by the sharp, perfect flick!

2. Conceal around your brows

By using concealer to outline your brows once they are filled in it means you don't have to be so precise when filling them in. It means that you can take less time on your brows because the concealer will cover any mistakes and create sharp, straight edges all the way around your brows.

3. Keep your makeup organised

One of the things that can dramatically increase the time it takes you to get ready is the time it takes to look for that lonely tube of mascara, or worse, the right shade of lippie. A messy table full of all your makeup is a serious no-no if you want to get ready quicker. I keep my makeup organised into categories (face, lips, contours etc.) so I know exactly where each product is when I need it. This is definitely one of the best hacks I have learnt. 

4. Always use primer

THIS IS A MUST! You must always use primer before applying your makeup. Not only does it protect your skin but it also makes your foundation look super smooth and flawless. When your foundation is easier to apply you will be able to do it quicker without sacrificing the flawless look.

So there are my 4 tricks to help you speed up your makeup routine. What hacks do you use? Comment below letting me know.
Lots of love,
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