Making and Testing the Ashy Bines Clean Treats


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I recently talked about Ashy Bines in my GRWM post and how she is a fitness influencer and nutritionist. However, I only briefly covered the strategies and products she uses to help people on their fitness journeys. One of her products is the Clean Treats...

Ashy Bines Real Treat Mix are dairy, gluten and refined sugar free as well as all natural and vegan. It is a mixture that aims to curb your cravings and satisfy your sweet tooth so you won't resort to the packaged, sugar full, and unhealthy options such as chocolate and ice-cream.
Now don't leave me just yet, I swear they aren't your typical "healthy" treats that are just so unsatisfying and insipid. These treats are actually packed full of flavour and natural sweetness. 

I tried the chocolate (instructions below) and the chocolate brownie and they were both delicious! Next time I definitely want to try the salted caramel and vanilla choc chip, how good do they sound?! Take a look for yourself at the variety of flavours on the website.


Below are step by step instructions to make these super easy treats yourself! All you need is a few extra ingredients, your favourite flavour mix and you're set to go. The best part? They are bake free meaning they are ready almost immediately. Just remember though, don't eat them all at once!



Finished Product:

Voila!!! There you go, your very own tasty, healthy, guilt free treats! Let me know what flavours are your favourite or what flavours you want to try in the comment section below.

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