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As most of you know your brows can make or break your entire look. They shape your face and are usually the first thing people see when they look at you. Now no pressure, but they are seriously important. That means knowing what products to use on them is also seriously important. So today I have tested and compared two similar products, the Chi Chi Brow Pomade and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade.
Let's see which product is better, the cheaper option or the more expensive choice? You may be surprised...


The Chi Chi pomade is less than half the price of  ABH pomade, only costing a mere $14.95. Whereas the ABH costs $32AUD. But as we know when it comes to makeup, quality should always prioritise cost. So let's have a little look at which product is actually the better quality.


This is completely up to personal preference, but I prefer brow products with a creamy, blendable consistency and Chi Chi definitely delivers this. ABH is okay to blend, but is quite thick and dries very quickly. So if you are like me and prefer a creamy texture then I would suggest the Chi Chi. However if you want a fast drying product the the ABH is the one for you.


I am in the shade blonde for both of these pomades and the colour is insanely similar. The blonde colour is very diverse and when built up can become quite dark. It is ideal for people with light to medium brows however there are medium shades such as taupe in both brands. In terms of colour options ABH has a huge range of 11 shades. Chi Chi only has a few options, 6.


While both are long lasting and easily stay put for a whole day, I would have to say that the ABH pomade is more durable. This is because it's quick drying, thick consistency means it moves less and is smudge free. The Chi Chi one is easily rubbed off if no setting gel/spray is applied. In my experience I would also classify them both as water-proof. But the ABH formula is actually waterproof so if you are looking for a reliable, waterproof option I would suggest that one.


Both brands are easy to apply but the creamy consistency of the Chi Chi one means a little bit goes a long way. Although, the application does ultimately come down to how you do your brows. If you don't know how to do your brows and need help or just want to see how I do mine, you can check out my routine and how I fleek my eyebrows in this post. 


Overall I think that personally I prefer the Chi Chi Brow Pomade, however both are very good. If you are on a budget I would go for the Chi Chi one because it is just as good as the ABH one but a lot cheaper. Both of the brands have amazing pomades however, are suited to different people. The formulas are quite different meaning they will appeal to different people but the one that appeals to me is definitely Chi Chi's. Which one do you like better?

Happy days,
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