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Finding the perfect foundation is very difficult. There are so many different foundations to choose from so without help it is nearly impossible. There are two key aspects of picking the perfect foundation, skin type and shade. Once you know these two things all you have to do is buy your foundation.

There are thousands of foundations out there, from sticks and liquids to powders. Too many for any one person to try. But luckily has done the hard work for you. They tested 364 formulas and narrowed it down to the top 2 best foundations! Yep, you heard that right, 364 of the best selling foundations were tested and the best were decided. They also found the next best foundations for a variety of skin types and budgets. 

It is a must read article for all beauty lovers or anyone who struggles with makeup. It was so impressive to read and also very helpful, I will definitely be reassessing my foundation choices. 

I also have written a guide to find your perfect foundation shade previously on the blog. Check it out to learn how to determine your shade and skin type. 

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