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If you've ever watched a beauty youtuber you probably noticed how many brushes they have. Different brushes for liquid foundations, powders, buffing, bronzer, highlight, concealer, and so much more. Now, I don't want you to fall under the misconception that to 'make it' in the makeup world you need a crazy amount of brushes. In the end, it is the final look that really matters, not how you achieved it. So, whether you use 17 brushes or 3, if the finished look is awesome then people won't care. 

Like most people, you probably only have a handful (or two) of makeup brushes. How do you use each makeup brush to its full potential? you ask. Well, that's exactly what I will be showing you today. 

Here are three tricks that will help you limit the amount of brushes you use:

1) From powder to cream contour

If you're in need of a brush that really blends the product in then you will need a stiff brush. This is perfect for blending that stubborn cream contour. I will show you how to transform your everyday powder brush into a brush perfect for blending:
Step 1- You will need a powder brush and a small elastic hair grip
Step 2- Wrap the elastic around the brush (closer to end of the bristles so it is as tight as possible)
Step 3- Give your new brush a try!

2) Get that glow

Since the huge fan brush trend, everyone has been looking for new and creative ways to join in on it. But, for those without fan brushes, I am here to help. I will teach you a super easy, effective way to turn your big, fluffy powder brush into a fan brush:
Step 1- Grab yourself a powder brush and a bobby pin
Step 2- All you need to do now is put the brush through the bobby pin 
Step 3- And voila!

3) Get yourself a beauty sponge

Probably one of the most diverse application tool the beauty market has to offer: the beauty sponge! They come in so many different shapes and sized to cater for all your makeup needs, however even just one sponge can be used in so many different ways and with so many different products that you will never need to touch a brush again. Here are 3 different ways a beauty sponge can be used:
1- To apply liquid foundation: this one is quite self explanatory, you simply dab the product over your entire face.
2- To contour: most sponges have a pointy end or sharp edge, and these are perfect to carve out your cheekbones with contour for that chiseled effect, just like Kim K herself!
3- To bake your face: because none of the powder is lost or absorbed in a sponge it makes it just the tool for baking because you are able to pack a lot of product on with minimal effort. 

So they're my 3 favourite tips and tricks for applying makeup with the least amount of tools as possible.
However, you do need some different brushes for different things eg. trying to apply foundation with an eyebrow brush or filling in your eyebrows with a foundation brush would be near impossible. So below I have linked 5 of my top, most used brushes (and sponges).

e.l.f. Cosmetics Blending Eye Brush
Nude by Nature Mineral Brush
Artiste Manicare Angled Eyeliner Brush
Mirenesse Kabuki Sculptor Brush
Chi Chi Cosmetic Blending Sponge (review)

Take care,
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