Alternative Fashion Styles


Author: Samantha Braddy

Are you tired of seeing the same exact clothes on everyone around you? One person after the next, it seems like everyone is following the same trends, and that personality and uniqueness have been erased from fashion. But there is a way to rebel against this. Alternative styles have been around for ages, and all different kinds of subcultures have risen from them. Each has distinctive markings and if you know your fashion, you will never mix one with the other. Let’s take a look at these different styles:


Edgy, cool and not giving a damn about what other people think – those are the markings of a true punk style. You don’t have to listen to punk music to wear punk clothes, but that is where this style originated. You really can’t miss it: rips, distressed edges, spikes and markings that clearly state what you stand for. Punk is all about making a statement for something you care about, whether that’s a band you like or a movement you support, so go all out and be one of the cool kids.


A style that has gained so much in popularity in the past few years, the hipster look is all about bringing back the past. Retro looks from the 20th century are being reborn and revamped to suit a younger audience, and the more authentic you can get – the better. Find old fashion magazines and books, or even better, go through your grandparent’s wardrobe. Extra points if you can get your hands on actual vintage clothes, but in case you can’t, many stores now support this style so you definitely won’t be left empty-handed.


Lovers of the dark definitely don’t need any lessons on what a gothic style is, but for those who are curious: it is a look that combines the Victorian era clothing with a much darker color palette. Long, layered skirts, top hats and corsets are all trademarks of gothic fashion, but it also has so many subgroups like Lolita, cybergoth, vampire, sugar and so many others. Dark eye and lip makeup are also a common element of this style, often followed by a pale skin tone. If you are looking to dip your toes into this style, you can start off with more dramatic winged eyeliner, dark combat boots, casual corsets or different Victorian jewelry.


Inspired by the Industrial Revolution, this branch of vintage fashion has some very distinct markings: brown, beige and tan are dominant colors, and the most common accessory are gears. Imagine a Victorian dress-meets-machine and you will get pretty close to steampunk. It combines fashion and practicality, so you will often see a lot of pockets, leather straps and hip pouches. For an everyday look, skinny, beige pants with a lot of pockets, white button downs with eccentric collars and high leather boots with a small heel are a perfect combo.

Street fashion

Urban street fashion are the nineties kids making a comeback with the clothes of their childhood. Stemming from Hip-Hop and RnB music, the street style is what people wear when they want to be comfortable and casual, yet chic. Oversized, ripped and denim are the most common adjectives that go with the style, and it might be the easiest of all of the listed styles to wear as a casual, everyday outfit.

With more and more people wearing alternative style fashion, hopefully large clothing store chains will take the hint and give us a more diverse range of clothing. But until then, we can always rely on the good old small shops that specialize in dressing you exactly the way you want to, no matter the style.

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