How to Wear Your Prom Dress AFTER Prom


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Hello beautifuls,

One night you'll always remember is your prom, and hopefully for all the right reasons. Dancing with your friends or date, admiring the pretty decorations, capturing every moment with some incredible photos. These all help to make prom a night to remember. But what is the single most important part of any prom night? The dress! Well at least in my opinion it is.

But what about after prom? You've spent all that time searching for the perfect dress and only got to wear it once, it just doesn't seem fair. That's why I want to tell you 5 ways you can wear your prom dress after the dance itself. To help me tell you this I have partnered with Millybridal UK. They sell some of the most gorgeous gowns I have ever seen. From black lace princess skirts to sexy red mermaid gowns, they truly do have it all. So if you're looking for a black prom dress, a red prom dress or anything else in between, go check out their online store to find your perfect dress.

Exclusive Princess V-neck Tulle with Beading Floor-length Backless Prom Dress

1. To Charity Events or Galas

So it's not very often you will get to go to a gala (unless you're Serena Van der Woodsen of course), but if you're lucky enough to go to one, finding something to where shouldn't stress you out. Not when you have a gorgeous prom dress just waiting to be taken off the hanger again. Not only will you look stunning, it will also bring back all the wonderful memories associated with it.

Silk-like Satin V-neck A-line Ankle-length with Ruffles Prom Dresses

2. To Weddings

Unless you have a white dress that could outshine the bride, then there is no reason you couldn't wear your prom dress to a wedding. In fact it is the perfect time, everyone is in beautiful dresses for a beautiful occasion, so why not join in and wear your own breathtaking gown.

Ball Gown Off-the-shoulder Satin with Beading Floor-length Prom Dress #UKM020104578

Ball Gown Off-the-shoulder Satin with Beading Floor-length Prom Dress

3. Girls Night Out

You may be thinking, isn't it a bit much for a girls night out? Well no, of course not! A girls night out is supposed to be fun and if that means dressing up from head to toe only to go watch a movie at the cinemas, then go for it! Your prom dress should be enjoyed and packed with fun and wonderful memories, not packed away just for looking at.

Fashionable A-line V-neck Tulle Floor-length with Appliques Lace Prom Dress 

4. Have it Altered

If you need a nice evening gown, but think your prom dress is too extravagant (or if you just don't want to be caught in the same dress twice) then go get your gown altered. This could be as little as shortening the hem to completely redoing it just leaving key components such as lace or the sleeves.

Hot Ball Gown High Neck Tulle Ruffles Sweep Train Black Backless Prom Dress

5. Wear it Every-Damn-Day

This one is super important! There are no rules to when you can or can't dress up, so if you want to, you should feel free to wear your prom dress every day of the week! Do what makes you happy and look fabulous doing it!

Much love,
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