Tips to Get to the Gym When You Don’t Want To


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Gyms can seem intimidating places, predominantly male, testosterone-packed domains, where women are frowned upon. Besides that, we all have those moments when everything is working against us and exercising is the last thing we want to do. Excuses are everywhere: the cold weather outside, a bad hair day, draining work, family obligations, you name it. Well, there is a way to rise above this self-defeating muddle and find yourself going to the gym more and more, until it becomes a habit, your second nature.

Breaking the shackles

So, how do you get past the point of lethargy? The truth is that techniques vary from person to person. A good place to start is to be honest with yourself and admit that the bulk of excuses is actually tomfoolery. Face the real reason why the gym seems so unappealing and far away. A lack of confidence is one of the most common culprits behind shattered dreams of physical greatness.

Studies have shown that 75% of women put off exercise due to the fear of what others may think. They mostly fear being judged over their appearance or performance in the gym. Mothers, on the other hand, are afraid that they will be looked down upon because they are putting themselves first. So, here lies one of the roots of the problem and an explanation why men still visit gyms in greater numbers.

Well, to address the issue, motivate and remind yourself why you wanted to exercise in the first place. Try to challenge yourself and set realistic goals. Dispel thoughts of failure and change that negative mental tape. Mute the hindrances coming from the environment and focus on making a positive change in your life by getting back in shape. You want to boost your health and feel better in your skin, not appease others.

A time and place for everything

Never allow inner mental blocks stand in the way of your goals. Everything plays a part, including factors such as distance to the gym. Namely, it is argued that people who live in their vicinity are up to five times more likely to pay gyms a visit. Therefore, see if you can join one in close proximity and cross items like the traffic hassle off the list of excuses. Likewise, things like time constraints have no place impeding your efforts.

It is not like you have to exercise for a full hour. High-intensity workouts deliver impressive results in
much less time. You can always start small and step up as you go. Going overboard is never a good idea anyway, because you risk soreness and burnout as well as a perilous injury. Workout at its best is
neither tedious nor does it make you feel miserable. It is possible to engage in some fun, adrenaline-
pumping cardio activities, like indoor jumping.

A bag of tricks

Furthermore, there are a variety of ways to trick yourself into working out. One neat technique is to
allow yourself to complain loudly about going to the gym, but only provided that you are putting on your workout clothes at the same time. This works even better if you have purchased some new apparel and want to try it out for the first time. It is stupid to get dressed up for nothing, isn’t it? Alternatively, pack the clothes and gym equipment in a gym bag before going to bed and put it close by the bed.

Finally, promises you make to yourself are broken easily, so make a commitment to others and let them hold you accountable. Try to find a workout partner, ideally one of your best friends. It is more fun that way and you are able to ignite a sense of competition that men tend to use a driving force. Also, do not hesitate to rely on professionals to create a killer plan and stick to it. Think of exercise as a way to improve your life, empower yourself, bust the stress, and preserve your health.

More power to you girl

Gym visits can be an ordeal, but don’t throw in the towel just yet or let others hold you back. Overcome the mental barrier and that “but I do not wanna” feeling. They are the ultimate test of your willpower and determination. Know that you have a chance to switch up your life and become a proud gym regular. Therefore, stand up for yourself, invest in your body and health, and reap other great benefits from physical activity.

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