Fall Hair Trends 2017


Author: Samantha Braddy

The change of seasons is the perfect time to think about changing your hairstyle too. You will likely
have less time to style your hair, and you will not be able to let it air-dry as often as you did in the
summer, so it’s good to think about hairstyles that will both complement your face, and not be a
nightmare to style in the morning. Luckily, this fall brings us plenty of both romantic and edgy
hairstyles to choose from.

Rock star pixie

Nothing says ‘fierce and edgy’ the way a pixie cut does, but the best thing is that it can easily turn
into the most romantic hairstyle with just a bit of makeup. For those who aren’t afraid to do plenty
of upkeep and styling, the pixie cut is the norm. A rock star pixie should always be kept smooth, so
it’s best you keep your hair straightener and smoothing cream close by at all times. This is also one
of the reasons why this cut is recommended for girls with straight or slightly wavy hair.

Blended lob with a bang


It might look like the old-fashioned razor-sharp bob gone messy, but it’s perfect for girls with
prominent facial features as it camouflages them. Shoulder-length hair with slightly longer bangs
that fall just below the brows from outer corners of both eyes is an effortless yet stylish look you can
wear at all times. If you want some bends, simply apply a large barrel iron and after that just bump
the hair around the midshaft area. This look says ‘effortless’, not ‘overworked’ and it saves you a lot
of time in the morning.

Long with angled bangs


Wavy-haired girls who hate spending hours in front of the mirror styling their hair will be thrilled to
hear that long, wavy hair with angled bangs is popular again. Girls who have heart-shaped faces love
this hairstyle because it allows them to narrow the wide forehead. Bangs are also a plus since they
draw focus on the eyes, and the fact that they’re angled allows you to blend them perfectly with the
rest of the hair.

Beveled bob


The classic straight-cut bob is obsolete, and this season, it’s all about layers and texture. Ask your
hair stylist to give you a bob that’s slightly angled forward with razored ends. This will give it those
beautiful layers and thickness, and it will allow you to show off your neck and jaw line.

Razored Rapunzel


This fall, we’ll get to see the edgy hairstyles we’ve been waiting for. It’s perfect for square jaws as it
disguises the hard lines. Kim Kardashian popularized this hairstyle: wavy, waist-length hair whose
ends have been thinned with razors so that the heaviness of the length is balanced. Unfortunately,
not all of us were blessed with hair thick enough to pull off this hairstyle, but luckily we can always
reach for thick clip-in hair extensions and rock the look.

Blunt, elongated layers


This hairstyle is just what girls with fine, thin hair have been looking for. Layers allow you to use a
hair straightener or curler, and just by twisting the streaks a little bit, you’ll get the volume you’ve
always wanted. By deciding to keep the ends blunt, you make the hair look fuller and thicker.

Remember, just because something is popular at the moment, it doesn’t mean that you have to try it
on immediately. Know your face shape and know how much effort you’re willing to put into styling
your hair every day. It’s more important to know what looks good on you than to blindly follow

Lots of love,
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