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Whatsup guys,
I am so excited to finally write this post because I am honestly so in love with this product and have been using it almost everyday. The product I'm talking about is the Tarte Clay Stick Foundation which you can buy here for $57AUD. In this post I will be reviewing 4 different aspects of the product as well as the overall foundation.


I had never used a stick foundation before this one so it was quite a fun experience using it for the first time. At the time of buying the foundation I also bought a buffing brush (Zoeva 104 Buffer) to apply it with.  This was 100% the right choice. Usually I swear by beauty blenders rather than brushes when it come to face products but this buffing brush has honestly changed my life (well my makeup application, anyway).
The stick itself is super easy to apply and spreads evenly across my face which is super important with any foundation application. It is very creamy which means it simply glides over my skin before settling into my skin and looking super natural.


One of my favourite things about this foundation is how buildable it is. I usually wear just one 'layer' for my everyday look but it can easily be built up to be more full coverage. One thing I find though is that when it is full coverage it can be kind of heavy on your skin, which makes sense and is often expected. The creamy consistency means it is very light and thin so you need quite a lot if you want it to be very full coverage, however the thin layers mean you can really easily apply exactly how much you want.


I got this foundation in Singapore which many of you would know is super hot and humid which unfortunately means sweat. However, on the other hand it gave me an opportunity to put to test how well the foundation would last. Luckily enough it lasted all day, even in 35+ degrees heat. I will say that it can get a little cakey and cracked over acne covered areas like my forehead after wearing it for a long stretch of time in the heat.


The formula is 100% my favourite thing about this product and was what immediately sold me on it in the store. I can't explain how creamy and soft it is (I guess you'll just have to try it out for yourself haha). This non greasy formula won't leave you sticky or, worse, looking pasty. Out of a normal liquid foundation, this stick foundation and even a BB cream I would definitely put this one at the top of my list.


Taking into consideration the 4 areas I looked at I would rate this foundation overall a 4.5/5 stars!! If you're looking for a higher end product that is definitely worth the price and will last you from day to night I highly recommend you pick one of these Tarte Clay Stick Foundations up. Or, with Christmas coming up (yayay), you could even ask Santa for it.

Enjoy the rest of your day.
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